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Noor Jehan Group, as the name denotes, has been a symbol of love and beauty for decades. It has become synonymous with the history and culture of Palakkad, despite having attained fame for its delectable Malabari cuisine. Since its inception in 1950, Noor Jehan Group has carved its own niche in the culinary industry, with three restaurants in Palakkad district, and a café in Cochin International Airport.

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NoorJehan Catering Services In Palakkad, Kerala

NoorJehan Catering & Event Management In Palakkad, Kerala

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Delicious Food

A wide variety of dishes from a plethora of cuisines, perfected through years of constant reinvention.

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Professional Event Management

Our dedicated team of event handlers ensures that our clients can enjoy the entire event experience just as one of their guests would.

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Malabari Cuisine

Enjoy the most delicious and rich flavour of our Malabari Cuisine

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Customers Say


A V Mansoor

“ Having the ambience and food correct for any event is of paramount importance. We were lucky that the people at Noor Jehan went to such lengths to make sure each detail was as per our instructions. Right from choosing the menu, to deciding on a decoration theme, to execution of these plans, their service was exemplary! Thank you Noor Jehan! ”

A V Mansoor, Chairman/ Managing Director- Chicking, Albayan Group of Companies
Abdussubhan Bin Shams

“ I have often seen caterers treat events based on their size and profitability. But Noor Jehan Caterers went all out to make an informal gathering at my place grand! Their Malabari delicacies were exquisite, but their continental menu as well as desserts were also a great hit with all my guests! ”

Abdussubhan Bin Shams, Director- Regency Group
A V Manaf

“ Organizing a marriage with over 5000 guests was a huge headache! But Noor Jehan Catering Services ensured that I didn’t have to even turn an eye towards the food and decoration section. Each element of their entire catering package was carried out to perfection ”

A V Manaf, Chairman- AV Group of Companies
Ashik Akbar

“ Thank you, Noor Jehan, for making my firm's annual party such a huge success. The food was delicious and delectable. Your amazingly talented and knowledgeable staff dealt with every single one of our concerns and queries! ”

Ashik Akbar, Businessman
Rajesh Hebbar

“ Awesome food, helpful and polite servers. Very receptive to inputs, and they go to great lengths to ensure customer delight! Proud customer of Noor Jehan group for years! ”

Rajesh Hebbar, Actor
Sunil Sreedhar

“ Making your daughter happy on her engagement day is every father's dream. Thanks to Noor Jehan Group, I was able to enjoy every second of her special day without any tension at all. Each and every detail of both the food and ambience was spot on! ”

Dr. Sunil Sreedhar, CEO- Trinity Eye Hospital
Roji M John

“ Each detail of the event was micromanaged to perfection. I had a person to talk to for literally every concern, and the event wad handled to perfection. Guests were raving about the food and decorations when I met them afterwards. Thank you Noor Jehan! ”

Roji M John, MLA - Angamaly
Anil Radhakrishnan Menon

“ My food destination in Palakkad. Being a foodie I travel around just for my next plate of Biriyani, Noorjehan Palakkad always serves me the best. And here I get the best service from their customer friendly staff. ”

Anil Radhakrishnan Menon, Film Director